Thank You! Donations for the Conference

We are thrilled to receive generous donations for the conference from:
We hope the conference will engage our participants in learning and knowledge regarding loss, grief and trauma, and equally, that they will take home some strategies and ideas about selfcare.

Companion Story - Loretta Heffernan


Name: Loretta Heffernan

Organisation: Diocese of Maitland Newcastle

Role Description: Family Ministry Coordinator Myall Deanery

State: NSW

Year first trained in Seasons for Growth: 2010

Programs Trained In:  Seasons for Growth Companion in the Children and Young People's Program and the Adult Program

Companion Story - Introducing Pat Pietsch

We like to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing work of our Seasons for Growth Companions, within their communities, and this month we would like to introduce you to: 

Name: Pat Pietsch

Organisation: St Michael’s College, Primary Campus, Beverley

Role Description: Student Counsellor and Yoga Teacher

State: SA

Year first trained in Seasons for Growth:  Pre-2000 

The Grieve Writing Project

Good Grief is proud to be a long-term sponsor of the Grieve Writing Project, held by the Hunter Writer’s Centre annually. Entrants contribute a piece of prose or poetry about grief. Born out of a desire to connect the Arts with important Social Issues in the Hunter Region, the Grieve Writing Project has grown year-on-year. The Good Grief Award is for a work about grief or loss other than death. The 2017 award went to Kathy Childs for her outstanding piece, “The Man in the Mirror”.

Companion Story - Seasons for Growth and its success in our school

Name: Jennifer Boyle & Whitney Grimm
Organisation:Wingham High School
Role Description: Head Teacher Wellbeing and Student Wellbeing Teacher
State: NSW
Programs trained in: Children and Young People's Program

Companion Story - Sister Margaret Kane

Sr Margaret is one of our longest running Seasons for Growth Companions. In total, she has Companioned 64 young people and adult groups over nearly two decades. Unfortunately, her Doctor recently advised that she retire for health reasons. Good Grief thanks Sr Margaret for her dedication and selfless contribution in working towards improving the lives of others. We are sure that her community, in WA, is very grateful too. After so many years running Seasons for Growth, Sr Margaret has a lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom to pass on.

How is the online world changing the face of how people grieve?

By Melinda Phillips

Online experiences are now considered a normal part of life, and the distinctions that once existed between online and offline social networks are dissolving. As the online world evolves, it impacts on the range of human experience, including death and mourning.