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Companion Newsletter - Spring Edition 2014

Christmas is a great time of celebration in Australia.  It is a time of community.  There are many aspects - giving: embracing, for some, Church; family;friends; and holidays.  All celebrations centred once around the birth of Jesus and in my Facebook feed there are many pages circulating about putting Christ back into Christmas.  As always, here in Australia, our celebrations include many cultures and many religions.  
The common theme, the common face, is building community.  We reach out to one another in a spirit of generousity, welcome and inclusion.  But it also has another face for us.  Many while celebrating, hold a memory of loved ones departed, or of a family that has changed and re-formed and things arn't as they once were.  We know the face of isolation and grief.
I had occasion recently to use the following quote in a presentation and I have been thinking about it ever since: "Grief is not a process of forgetting, but of remembering with less pain" Jack LoCicero 1991.  In Seasons for Growth we work together as Companions in our groups to overcome the isolation grief can cause, and allow people to reach out again and engage with people - engage in their communities and to build their relationships with their loved ones.
Christmas and Summer coincide, good fortune for us all.  The richness and optimism of Summer blending with Christmas and holiday celebrations.  Let's also touch base with the people who were in our groups and just make sure they remember the things they learnt as they move into the holidays.
On behalf of the team at Good Grief, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and a safe and relaxing break with friends and family.  We look forward to working with you in 2015.
Kerry Stirling
Chief Executive Officer
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