Our Story

Seasons for Growth’s founders saw a need within the community to assist those who were struggling with the experience of change and loss. To respond to this need, in the mid-1990s the Sisters of St Joseph supported the development of a secular, small group, peer-based grief and loss education program – Seasons for Growth.

Our work is based on Mary MacKillop’s principle “Never see a need without doing something about it.”  Over the last twenty years our range of programs has grown and continuously developed. Our programs seek to support all members of the community to develop the knowledge and skills to adjust to significant life events, and to grow from the experience.

Our programs are used all over Australia and internationally. They are evidence based, and many external evaluations over the years have continued to affirm the programs and their contribution to those who participate in them. Over the last twenty years, in excess of 200,000 children and young people have participated in the Seasons for Growth Program, along with thousands of adults.

Though the ways in which we live may change and transform, the human experience remains the same, and we will all, at some point, be affected by events that are not of our choosing and beyond our control. Good Grief's work embodies the spirit of Mary MacKillop; a woman for all Australians. We believe that within the heart of each person is the potential to live life to the full. The desire to improve the lives of others is central to who Good Grief is.

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Professor Anne Graham

The work of Professor Anne Graham as the author of this program is acknowledged and her kind permission for its continued use is noted with thanks. Anne is the Foundation Director of the Centre for Children and Young People  at Southern Cross University, Lismore.

Anne's background is in education and sociology. Her research and professional interests include children's social and emotional well-being, participation and engagement in schools, ethical issues in researching with children & young people, and teacher learning. 

Anne is a vital ongoing supporter of the work of Good Grief, and we acknowledge and appreciate her generous sharing of both expertise and insight.


The Sisters of St Joseph

The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, an Institute of women religious, was founded in Penola, South Australia in 1886 by Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods.

The Institute was founded to provide education for children from struggling families in that isolated region of the colonies.

Mary MacKillop was an enterprising and visionary individual who believed in empowerment through education. 

The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart are a cornerstone in the establishment of education for all, right across Australia, and beyond.

The work of Good Grief is an integral part of the Sisters’ 150 legacy.

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