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49% of Australians are concerned about mental health as a social issue

(Real Not Spiel, Sweeney/Cavill + Co, 2008)

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John Collis
Principal at Yarloop Primary School WA

After participating in the Stormbirds programme the children have become less anxious and more open to expressing their feelings. The programme has helped relieve the trauma of this devastating event.

Diane Peowrie
Student Support at Livingstone Primary School SA

Livingstone Primary School was very fortunate to have Martine Henderson from EACH deliver the Seasons for Growth Program to seven of our students who were experiencing grief/loss issues focused around family separation. Most of these kids would not have been able to access the program if it was not available at school.

Our students were all middle and senior school boys, and were not particularly comfortable talking about their feelings. Over the eight weeks they became more open and honest – some even reconsidering their own behavior choices because they understood ‘perspectives’ better. They were also much more aware that, although things can be tough sometimes, it does not mean that it will always be that way – change will happen (just like the seasons!)

Patricia Williams rsj
Seasons for Growth Trainer at Good Grief Ltd

Having used the Good Grief educational programs as a Companion first and then in training others to use them, I find them astonishingly helpful to children/adults.  Participants state repeatedly: “I found out that I am not the only one”.  Remarkably,  lightheartedness pervades the programs thus avoiding becoming over focussed on grief.   For myself,  Worden’s Tasks of Grief have become a lens through which I view life experiences not to mention all the other things I have learnt and the extraordinary people I have met along the way.

Serge Rosato
Principal at Aquinas Primary School, Springwood NSW

In October 2013 a devastating bushfire swept through the lower blue mountains.

The training and implementation of the Stormbirds program was crucial step in the recovery process of not only our children and their families but our school staff as well.

As a community we sincerely thank Good Grief for this gift.