Stormbirds provides an opportunity for children and young people who have experienced a natural disaster to share their experiences of change and loss in safe and creative ways, understand and attend to their feelings, and learn skills for adapting and recovering. This takes place in an atmosphere of like-to-like peer support.

The Stormbirds Program was developed in 2009 by Good Grief’s founders, the Sisters of St Joseph following the Black Saturday fires In Victoria. It Is based on the highly successful and evidence-based program, Seasons for Growth, which has been delivered by local community facilitators to over 300,000 children and young people in Australia and internationally to support their wellbeing following loss and grief experiences, including natural disasters.  Stormbirds provides a safe space for children and young people to give a voice to their experiences and learn appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and manage the changes bought about by a natural disaster. Essentially, the program allows them to connect, communicate and understand they are not alone.
Since 2009, Stormbirds has supported many communities following natural disasters - bushfires in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia; floods in Queensland; bushfires and drought in New South Wales and the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand.
Good Grief provides one day training to support appropriately skilled local professionals to facilitate Stormbirds as a small group, peer-based program of 4 sessions. The Stormbirds program supports children and young people (5-16 years) and covers the topics of change; feelings and responses; memories and support and reconnecting.

"After participating in the Stormbirds programme the children have become less anxious and more open to expressing their feelings.
The programme has helped relieve the trauma of this devastating event."  John Collis, Principal, Yarloop Primary School


Program Outline


The Stormbirds program has two levels, catering for both primary and secondary school students:

Level 1     ages 5-10 years

Level 2     ages 11-16 years

Stormbirds is delivered over four sessions in which children learn about:

Session 1  -  Change, a natural part of life

Session 2  -  Feelings and responses

Session 3  -  Memories and support

Session 4  -  Reconnecting


Stormbirds Program Factsheet


"Having feelings is okay, and I can tell people what I feel."  (Primary student, 2011)

"Ive learned that even when stuff gets hard you've still got people to look after you."  (Primary student, Christchurch, New Zealand)

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To facilitate the Stormbirds program you need to train to become a Companion.  Training is available for all our programs.

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Get Involved: Become a Companion

To facilitate the Stormbirds program you need to train to become a Companion.  Training is available for all our programs.


Stormbirds Fact Sheet

Access the Stormbirds Fact Sheet for more detail on the program.