Our Gift to You …

As the end of 2017 approaches, we have two special offers for you:

Special Price! Register and pay for Seasons for Growth 2018 training events before 21 December and pay 2017 prices! *

Complimentary Journals - Register an additional person from your organisation to train as a Seasons for Growth Companion and receive 6 complementary journals, to run your first Seasons for Growth Group**


Benefits for You and Your Organisation

Lock-in your choice of training dates and secure your PD hours for next year.

Our training calendar for 2018 is now available. 

Up-skill yourself, or your staff, and support student / client wellbeing.

Assist your school / organisation with free Seasons for Growth Materials


Supporting Wellbeing

The wellbeing of children and young people is now central to policy and practice in a range of education, health and human service settings.

What is wellbeing and how can an organisation, like a school, support it?

Research concludes that; “Generally, wellbeing is understood to encompass states of happiness, confidence and not feeling depressed; a feeling of autonomy and control over one’s life; the capacity to make a contribution within a given community and the ability to have good relationships with others.

Principals, teachers, pastoral care workers, counsellors and others often ask ‘Where/how do we start to address these issues’? or ‘What should we change’? My response is consistent – the evidence points very strongly to the fact that relationships are the key.” (Reframing 'Wellbeing' in Schools: The Potential of Recognition’ Graham et al 2016).


Why Seasons for Growth?

The ability to adapt well to change is a life skill. Change, is often initially about loss. People tend to respond to change, in circumstances, family or environment, not in terms of what it is - but what it means to them.

Seasons for Growth is an innovative change, loss and grief education program that has been running for over twenty years. It supports participant's wellbeing by developing the ability to positively adapt to change, regain emotional stability, build positive connections between their old life and their new one and in developing the ability to make positive decisions.  It has undergone extensive research over its lifespan to ensure that it achieves these objectives. Find out more

By training as a Seasons for Growth Companion, you can make a difference to your community, at a local level.  Find out more

Our Seasons for Growth Companions tell us things like;

Children just want to be heard, their thoughts and feelings acknowledged,’

that it is, ‘So special to be able to assist these children on their journey,’

and Seasons for Growth means that, “students know that they have a safe space and have someone to talk to.'


Recognition for Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth Children and Young People's Program is recognised by the panel of experts in Child Family Community Australia see more

Seasons for Growth has 4 Star Rating in the Mind Matters Program Evidence of Effectiveness Ranking for the Children and Young People's Program see more

Seasons for Growth Children's Program is listed in Kids Matter Primary Programs see more


The Benefits of Having Multiple Companions in your Organisation

  • Sharing the planning and organising resources for each session 
  • Discussing which activities are best suited to the unique dynamic of the group
  • Increasing the number of Seasons for Growth Groups that can be run each year, thereby supporting more participants
  • Having the flexibility to adapt to meet the needs of participants
  • Having support in managing strong personalities within the group
  • Ensuring that participants have attention when they need it
  • Ensuring that Companions feel supported and thereby increasing their confidence to effectively Companion
  • Having a colleague to debrief, process and share learnings with; fostering healthy morale of the Companions


Companions who work with co-Companions tell us things like, ‘It is great to have someone to debrief with after each session as we can give each other feedback and emotional support,

and ‘It’s important to discuss sessions with each other and assist each other with self-care.’


How to Avail of Offer

Simply register online for any training that is taking place before 30th June 2018 and pay in full by 21st December 2017. 

We'll do the rest!

Any questions, please contact us on 02 8912 2700 or by email.





* Registration for training and payment in full must be completed by 21 December 2017. Training must be undertaken by 30 June 2018.  Price of training will increase on 22 December 2017. Please refer to Good Grief Cancellation and Refund Policy for further information.

**Organisations must register and pay for two employees to undertake training to become a Seasons for Growth Companion or they must have an existing and active Companion to avail of free journal offer. Journals (level of your choice) will be delivered upon completion of two-day training course.