Exciting News!

We are excited to announce that Good Grief will join the operations of MacKillop Family Services from 1 July 2017. This union provides both MacKillop Family Services and Good Grief with opportunities to expand the support we provide to children, young people and adults experiencing grief and loss, and increase the positive outcomes of our work through shared skills, resources and knowledge. 

Both organisations share common values and principles, in particular Mary MacKillop’s principle: Never see a need without doing something about it. Our shared heritage through the Sisters of St Joseph drives our commitment to support children, young people and adults to live to their full potential.

Good Grief has a long and well-regarded history of delivering high quality, evidence-based grief and loss education programs and training in Australia and overseas. MacKillop Family Services values this history and is committed to continuing the valuable work of Good Grief in supporting and strengthening the social and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and adults in the community.

Good Grief’s evidence-based programs and training will be complemented by MacKillop Family Services’ trauma-informed model, Sanctuary. Good Grief training services and programs will continue to be branded as Good Grief and will be co-branded with MacKillop Family Services.

Good Grief Companions will still be supported by the Good Grief team, operating in partnership with MacKillop Family Services and led by Fiona McCallum, General Manager.  Fiona will join the Senior Management Team of MacKillop Family Services and will report to MacKillop Family Services’ Deputy CEO, Gerard Jones.

What this Means …

Good Grief will continue to support all members of the community who are dealing with major life changes and loss and we will continue to build on the education programs that we have developed over the last twenty years. Good Grief’s National Office will remain in North Sydney and we will continue to support our Companions as we always have done.

Good Grief and MacKillop Family Services are well-aligned; we are both committed to supporting children, young people and families who are living with change and loss and we both have a solid commitment to providing support and building hope in people’s lives. As a result of combining our resources and networks we will have greater opportunities and an increased ability to support more members of our communities. Good Grief’s commitment to our values and work is made more sustainable as a result of this partnership.

We are pleased to confirm that Prof Anne Graham will continue her support of our programs and the team at Good Grief.  We have a long and wonderful history with Anne and we hope to continue and strengthen that relationship in our journey with MacKillop Family Services. Fiona McCallum, our General Manager has worked with Good Grief and for over 5 years and brings a dedication and attention to detail to her new role that we are confident will carry Good Grief through our next phase. The team welcomes and supports Fiona in her new role.   Kerry Stirling, former CEO, has retired and is generously assisting us with our transition to MacKillop Family Services. We thank Kerry for his commitment, vision and joy that he brought to Good Grief over the years. He will be sorely missed around the office!