We are coming to you!

For 2017 Good Grief has changed the way it delivers learning and development opportunities to you.

Our traditional 2-day conference in Sydney will be replaced with a 4-hour afternoon session in 3 different locations to allow us to reach a wider audience.

Good Grief Connections will be travelling to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne with a host of high – profile speakers and presenters including Prof Anne P Graham, Dr Robyn Miller, Assoc Professor Judith Murray and awarded illustrator Stephen Michael King.

The 4 hour session will consider Good Grief’s past, present and future;   

·           What have we learned in 20 years of Seasons for Growth

·           How has Good Grief and Seasons for Growth grown in order to provide relevant and valuable experiences

·           What should we consider in order to continue to support those most in need

Speakers include;

·           Professor Anne P Graham, Author of Seasons for Growth

            Topic - Research and the Seasons for Growth Program - the past, present and future

·           Dr Robyn Miller CEO MacKillop Family Services

            Topic - Supporting children, young people and families following traumatic and complex losses

·           Associate Professor Judith Murray University of Queensland  (Brisbane and Canberra only)

            Topic - What does science tell us about the broken mind and heart?

·           Christopher Hall, CEO Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (Melbourne Only)

            Topic - The connection between loss, grief and mental health


Outcomes for attendees include:

·         Professional learning: how to support children and families who have faced significant life changes and losses.

·         Personal learning:  how to support themselves and others

·         Gain Insight into the impact of adverse life events on wellbeing of the child, young person, adult, family and other communities

·         As Parents and Adults:  how to best support children and young people in our care 


Come along and connect with the Good Grief Community.  Attendance counts as a reconnector for trained Companions.

Click on event for more information and to access tickets 

Sydney          - Wednesday 2 August                           Sydney Program

Canberra      - Friday 11 August                                  Canberra Program

Melbourne   - Tuesday 15 August                               Melbourne Program