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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Companions are recommended to deliver the small group program?

The Seasons for Growth small group programs are designed to be facilitated by one - two trained Companions.  Two Companions working together is recommended:

  -  to support new Companions as they lead their first groups

  -  if participant numbers are 1-2 people in excess of the recommended group size (although in this instance the recommended approach would      be to have two seperate groups)

  -  if there is a participant that presents with challenging or difficult behaviours

  -  where agency or legislative requirements dictate that two adults work with the group

  -  for adult groups - unlike children, many adults attending the small group program will have experienced a range of loss and grief experiences      during their life journey.  For some, unresolved grief may become quite complex and its often helpful to have two Companions supporting all      the participants and each other during the course of the program.

Where Co-Companioning takes place, it is recommended that both Companions are present at each session throughout the program, and that each Companion's role within the group is clear.  Co-Companioning also allows for group preparation tasks to be shared and is helpful for debriefing as they program progresses.


What is the recommended group size for the small group program?

Good Grief recommends Companions limit group size to 4-7 participants, to ensure Companion and participant safety and to support the development of effective group dynamics.  There may be times when Companions need to consider potential participant numbers outside these parameters.  Companions in this situation are encouraged to consider their circumstances carefully and discuss them with their Trainer or Good Grief Program Coordinator.

Note:  Seasons for Growth small group programs are not designed to be used in one-on-one counselling, or as a larger group or whole class program.


Where should I hold my group?

It is important to set up a safe, quiet space for the group to use each session.  Take the time needed to prepare the seasonal setting/centrepiece for the room and ensure it is comfortable and welcoming for participants.  Some Companions may have a dedicated Seasons for Growth space, and others may need to set up for each session prior to the group's arrival.  A small classroom or learning space may be ideal in a school setting, and the meeting room in an agency/community setting could also be appropriate.

Seasons for Growth groups must not meet in a private home


How often should I attend a Reconnector?

Reconnectors are an important part of the professional development provided for Companions.  These meetings are facilitated FREE online (1.5 hours) and provide Companions with the opportunity to learn, connect and share their Seasons for Growth experiences with other Companions.  


How do I order the resources I need to run my group?


In the process of applying for training, you would have created an account on the Good Grief website with a username (your email address) and password.  You will need these details to login to purchase resources and access the Companion Portal.  

  -  Delivery is 5-7 working days

  -  Only TRAINED Companions can order Seasons for Growth materials


What do I need to do to become an accredited Seasons for Growth Companion?

  1.  Attend the two day Companion training

  2.  Facilitate a group within one year of attending training

  3.  Attend a Reconnector within one year of attending training

  4.  Send your request for accreditation form with your evaluations to

  5.  Once approved by Good Grief, you will be sent your accreditation certificate via email.