“There is no health without mental health” World Health Organisation

Mental health means much more than the absence of mental illness and is critical to the wellbeing of children, young people and adults. Mental health, also referred to as ‘social and emotional wellbeing’ is not only about happiness. Mental health is the ability to: enjoy life, cope with change and challenge, survive pain, disappointment and sadness; believe in our own growth; believe in others’ dignity and worth; make and take responsibility for one’s own decisions.
Mental health is influenced by many dimensions including culture, a sense of belonging and connection to others. In the Seasons for Growth programs, we often describe the importance of being ‘present’, having authentic conversations and giving children and young people a say in things that matter to them are simple, effective ways to build genuine relationships and support young people’s sense of wellbeing.
Seasons for Growth aims to help strengthen children and young people’s resilience by supporting participants to build relationships in (and beyond) the group, and learn new ways to understand and respond well to change, loss and grief in their lives.
Our upcoming conference, “Lead the Way Towards Wellbeing” will explore the impacts of loss, grief and trauma on children, young people and families and how as professionals we can best care for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the individuals we support. The program includes keynote presentations and workshops that will focus on this very topic.